What is Carbopol 1342?

Posted: March 8, 2012 in textile additives
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Carbopol 1342 flows advisedly as a crumb and provides pseudoplastic rheology which is advantageous in formulating pourable articles which accommodate suspended, adverse ingredients, or for accouterment abiding emulsions.
Carbopol 1342 polymer contains a lipohilic or blubbery allocation in its backbone, giving it added attrition to attenuated ions. This acreage makes the artefact abnormally acceptable for aqueous solutions or dispersions absolute attenuated salts. In addition, it has bigger affinity in agglomeration and imparting crop amount to ionic surfactants. Suggested applications cover bright gels, hydro-alcoholic gels, surfactant systems (specialty shampoos, charwoman products, etc.), and top electrolyte systems (aloe gels, etc.). Carbopol ETD 2020 is the easy-to-disperse adaptation of Carbopol 1342 polymer.
Carbopol 1342 NF polymer is awful able in formulating pourable articles absolute abeyant capacity and stabilizing emulsions. Carbopol 1342 NF polymer contains a continued alternation alkyl acrylate, a lipophilic modification to its actinic backbone. This gives the polymer hardly added attrition to attenuated ions, authoritative it abnormally ill-fitted for use in aqueous systems absolute attenuated salts. The lipophilic accumulation gives Carbopol 1342 NF polymer a affinity advantage over added Carbopol polymers in agglomeration and imparting crop amount to ionic systems.
Carbopol polymers are polymers of acrylic acerbic cross-linked with polyalkenyl ethers or divinyl glycol. They are produced from primary polymer particles of about 0.2 to 6.0 micron boilerplate diameter. The flocculated agglomerates cannot be torn into the ultimate particles if produced. Each atom can be beheld as a arrangement anatomy of polymer chains commutual via cross-linking.
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