Uses of Anti-mite finishing agent MITE

Posted: April 7, 2012 in textile chemicals
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Anti-mite finishing agent MITE
Appearance:MITE-1 is light yellow liquid, MITE-2 is milky white liquid
Chemical composition:Carboxylic acids derivative and special type high molecular compound
Solubility:Can be dispersed in water at any ratio, the solution can be stored for one day.
Anti-mite finishing agent MITE is a new anatomic finishing abettor for bolt fabric. It can not alone amalgamate with cotton, wool, viscose and others to anatomy crosslink, but aswell it forms medical film on the apparent of the fabric, so that has awful and fast furnishings on abhorrent accomplishments adjoin mites. Under the allowance temperature and wet condition, the bolt bolt is acceptable for growing of bacteria, cast and mites. And the elimination of the mites is pathogenic to asthma. Under this circumstance, it is not alone unhealthy, but aswell can accomplish bad smell. The bolt advised has awful abhorrent able adjoin dust mites, covering mites etc. The bolt advised appearance non-stimulations to the skin, non-allergic reactions and non-toxic to the animal body. It has a able blockage from diseases such as allergic bronchia- asthma , allergic coryza, scabies eczema, agria, ermatitis, tsutsugamushi, scabies etc.
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