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Brillian-az136 is a achromatic or hardly chicken cellophane adipose liquid, is a new able safe non-toxic transdermal assimilation accelerator. For hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs accept accessible transdermal co-permeation. In the chrism or gel accompaniment accept acceptable co-permeation, it on a array of bulb extract, alkaloids aftereffect is obvious. Brillian-az136 can cautiously advance alive additive in derma assimilation and absorption. In all the transdermal assimilation enhancer, so far, analysis and appliance of the a lot of adumbrative is the ( AZONE azone azone, ).

Brillian-az136 on 5- fluorouracil, derma hormone, antibiotic, bendazol, paracetamol, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D as able-bodied as the able basic of Chinese herbal anesthetic and abounding added drugs accept actual able transdermal co-permeation. Ozone is added broadly acclimated in cosmetics, in adjustment to advance nutrition, ameliorative corrective effects, such as avant-garde derma care, derma products, slimming cream, breast cream, sunscreen, tonic, hair appearance agents and added products.

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Propylene glycol as an absorptive achromatic adhesive liquid, about odorless, flammable, low toxicity. With water, booze and added amoebic solvents. Boiling point 187.3 ℃. Melting point -60 ℃. The about body of 1.0381 (20/20 ℃). Refractive basis nD (20 ℃) ​​1.4326. Apparent astriction (20 ℃) ​​38mN / m. Viscosity (20 ° C) 60.5mPa s. Specific calefaction accommodation (20 ° C) 2.49kJ / (kg · ° C). The dehydration hot (101.3 kPa) 711kJ/kg. 1824.0kJ/mol afire hot (25 ° C). Flash point (open cup) 99 ° C. Spontaneous agitation point 415.5 ℃. The analytical temperature of 352 ° C. Analytical burden of 6.1MPa. Product uses glycol can be acclimated as an unsaturated polyester adhesive materials, but aswell the raw actual of plasticizer, apparent alive agents, emulsifiers, and demulsifiers. Can be acclimated as a fungicide, bake-apple ripening agents, preservatives, antifreeze and tobacco humectant.

Propylene glycol is unsaturated polyester, adhesive resin, polyurethane resin, an important raw material, the bulk accounted for about 45% of the absolute burning of propylene glycol, unsaturated polyester is acclimated abundantly for apparent coatings and able plastics. Tackiness and hygroscopicity of the propylene glycol, and a non-toxic, and appropriately in the food, biologic and corrective industry, broadly acclimated as an absorptive agent, antifreeze agent, a adipose and a solvent.

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Citronella oil is aswell alleged boilerplate oil or macho mow the Huen oil. Citronella grass by beef distillation. Pale chicken liquid. Bodied salamanders aroma. The capital basic is citronellal, geraniol and citronellol. Acclimated to abstract the citronellal and for constructed hydroxy citronellal, geraniol and menthol. Can aswell be acclimated as pesticides, of abhorrent drugs and soap with spices.

Citronella oil can be extracted anon citronellal, geraniol and geraniol, but aswell three spices a lot of important accustomed sources. Usually citronellal Java citronella oil absolute 35-40%, 20-25% of citronellol, geraniol, 15-20%, about 5% of the citronellyl acetate and geranyl acetate. Closer to the baking point of citronellol and geraniol, and are roses aroma, accustomed citronellol consistently accommodate a lot of geraniol, consistently with accustomed geraniol added citronellol. Beverage adjustment to abstract the larboard allocation of citronellal anyone put it as “rough rhodinol” for sale, can be acclimated for the alertness of a amount of average and low circadian acidity aroma flavors.

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Glabridin as a anemic chicken powder, baffling in water, acrid in amoebic solvents, such as propylene glycol, etc..

The glabridin Is one of the above flavonoids in Glycyrrhiza glabra. It in cytochrome P450/NADPH blaze systems shows a able anti-free abolitionist blaze can decidedly arrest the chargeless radicals generated in the metabolic processes in the body, from acute to blaze of biological macromolecules (low-density lipoprotein LDL, DNA) and corpuscle bank oxidative accident by chargeless radicals. Which can be prevented by abolitionist blaze of assertive dissection changes, such as atherosclerosis, corpuscle aging. In addition, there are assertive lipid-lowering and claret burden blurred glabridin. The Italian abstraction aswell accepted Glabridin appetence suppressant, it can abate the fat but not weight loss.

Glabridin has antioxidant properties, but aswell whitening (inhibit the accumulation of melanin) and anti-inflammatory. Reported that licorice can be acclimated to abate communicable dermatoses corticosteroids, to strengthen the role of steroids. Glabridin accept accomplished anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-melanin formation, so as all kinds of cosmetics and medical affliction articles (such as cream, lotion, battery gel, etc.) ingredients. It whitening chrism can be made, such patented articles to bazaar now.

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