The use of brillian-az136

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Cosmetic ingredients
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Brillian-az136 is a achromatic or hardly chicken cellophane adipose liquid, is a new able safe non-toxic transdermal assimilation accelerator. For hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs accept accessible transdermal co-permeation. In the chrism or gel accompaniment accept acceptable co-permeation, it on a array of bulb extract, alkaloids aftereffect is obvious. Brillian-az136 can cautiously advance alive additive in derma assimilation and absorption. In all the transdermal assimilation enhancer, so far, analysis and appliance of the a lot of adumbrative is the ( AZONE azone azone, ).

Brillian-az136 on 5- fluorouracil, derma hormone, antibiotic, bendazol, paracetamol, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D as able-bodied as the able basic of Chinese herbal anesthetic and abounding added drugs accept actual able transdermal co-permeation. Ozone is added broadly acclimated in cosmetics, in adjustment to advance nutrition, ameliorative corrective effects, such as avant-garde derma care, derma products, slimming cream, breast cream, sunscreen, tonic, hair appearance agents and added products.

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