Caustic Calcined Magnesite Block is anti-bending, anti-compression, highly-intensive, bounden and cementing. It is broadly acclimated in defense, medicine, actinic industry, papermaking, shipbuilding industries and so on. In architecture industry, it could be acclimated for tire-board, atom board, insulation columns, railing, bogus marble, the assimilation of asbestos, accepted tile, bank panels and arena laying. With the advance of science and technology, the acceptance of Caustic Calcined Magnesite Block block is wider. It could aswell be acclimated to accomplish civilian products, packaging carton for ablaze and abundant machinery, packaging end beam, top temperature adverse materials, and admirable adorable ablaze glossing furniture. In machinery, it is aswell acclimated to casting models.Its body is 2.94, a affectionate of white powder. Its melting point is 2852oC, while baking point is 3600oC. Attenuated in acerbic and ammonium salt, but difficult to deliquesce in baptize and ethanol. When calcinations temperature alcove 400 oC, its specific apparent Area is 180m2/g.

Caustic Calcined Magnesite Block is the above antecedent of magnesium. Containing magnesium band-aid on calcite, will accomplish the calcite into magnesite, accordingly aswell accord to the calcite magnesite. Magnesium affluent bedrock will change into magnesite. Magnesite generally contains iron, the adamant or manganese magnesium replaced the results. Magnesite white or grayish white, agleam glass, adamant magnesite will appearance a chicken to brown. If the appearance is diminutive crystal, if not appearance clear is block. Magnesite except for adorning magnesium, aswell can be acclimated as adverse actual and alertness of magnesium compounds. Magnesium mineral with amoebic apparatus in sedimentary rock, such as atramentous shale, atramentous seam, brainstorm magnesite accumulation environment: an age-old marsh areas, abounding bulb debris, such as wood, branches and leaves, which spread, it is approaching coal, atramentous formed hotbed, because the ambiance is water, with attenuated magnesia, an anoxic environment, appropriately aswell acceptable for magnesite formation, this is coal-bearing sedimentary rocks of the accepted causes of magnesite.

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