Characteristics of anti-radiation glass

Posted: January 15, 2013 in glass production
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Anti-radiation glass about acclimated for radiation aegis and shielding, or acclimated to browse the ascertainment window advance room.Anti-radiation X-ray machine, bottle is nuclear physics research, nuclear industry assembly basal materials. is mainly a ample assimilation accommodation of gamma application and X application of glass. When ray or X ray into the aegis glass, because the bottle central the photoelectric effect, aftermath electron-positron pairs produced at the aforementioned time, the aflame states and chargeless electrons, the adventure ray or X ray activity decreases, assimilation force decreased, played a careful role. When the radiation aegis bottle body increases, careful adeptness aswell increases accordingly. Against gamma bottle density, usually not beneath than 4.5g/cm. In contempo years, has already started application the body of 6.2 ~ 6.5g/cm glass, frequently acclimated with ZF series. The capital apparatus of SiO2, PbO doping, the accepted agreeable of about 20%, independent three two boron oxide, ablaze transmittance is about added than 98%, added brittle, a beyond admeasurement of. In radiation medicine, about acclimated in radiation aegis and shielding, or acclimated as a filming advance absolute ascertainment window.

Anti-radiation glass refers to is not simple to optical bottle and black in gamma ray effect. Radiation aggressive optical bottle cast name, still according to the optical glass, number, advertence the adequacy for roentgen radiation, K509 radiation attrition of optical constants of optical bottle with K9, and 10 roentgen dosage of gamma rays. The accepted bottle by high-energy radiation generated chargeless electrons, which accumulated with the bottle central the vacancy, the accumulation of blush centers. At the aforementioned time, aswell can accomplish the nuclear translocation, destroyed the accustomed structure, aswell aftermath center, so that the bottle coloring. The addition of the CeO2 radiation aggressive optical glass, in the top activity gamma ray irradiation, the blazon of type, can abduction electron, can not accomplish the bottle central the heart, and because Ce and Ce assimilation bands in the UV region. When the CeO2 agreeable is too high, in the ultraviolet, bittersweet assimilation bandage extending to the arresting region, the dejected arena of the arresting ablaze assimilation increased, consistent in the bottle is yellow. At the aforementioned time, will deepen the blush due to the appulse of added capacity in the glass, so CeO2 agreeable can not be too high, the agreeable of CeO2 in K509 of about 0.4% ~ 0.5%, in K709 CeO2 is about 1%.

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