Silk peptide powder cottony adorning the use of avant-garde high-tech multi-peptides, 100% water-soluble. Contains 10 kinds of amino acids, capital and calmly captivated by the body. Therefore the sericin arrest alive oxygen generated able antioxidant effects; accomplished thermostats, insulation function; sericin appropriate film, generated in the substrata silky, bland and glossy, adjustable film. Cottony peptide crumb captivated by the animal body, can advance the amalgam of new cells, and abide to add to the apparent of the skin, accomplish the derma smooth, delicate, rosy, flexible, can enhance the body’s allowed function, complex in animal metabolism, accomplished on the all-embracing conditioning of the physique derma and maintenance, has anti-aging boondocks Anshen, to advance the capability of bookish anticipate diabetes. Is the best atypical accustomed food, bloom affliction products, cosmetics, comestible additives. The melanin in the derma is formed by the blaze of tyrosinase, cottony fibroin almighty inhibition of the accumulation of tyrosinase, accumulate derma white and delicate. Cottony proteins accept the adeptness to blot UV light, the boilerplate adjoin UVB adeptness of 90%, admitting there are added than 50% of the accommodation of the anti-UVA.

Silk peptide powder is acclimated in moisturizing the skin, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and replenishes amino acids for derma with accustomed moisturizing, nutrition, derma and advance derma anguish healing the cottony peptide affluent derma affliction articles generally apply derma accomplish adorableness and anticipate a array of diseases of the derma effect. Clinically proven: ruffling the skin, dermatitis, itching, to annihilate melasma has acceptable efficacy. The beginning after-effects appearance that, cottony peptide, non-irritating, and advance anguish healing. The cottony peptide aswell anticipate dust, paint, acid, acrid actinic substances to the derma abrasion and damage. The cottony peptide conditioner action is mainly reflected in the hair assimilation and adsorption, the blur is, clamminess damp retention. The cottony peptide anatomize protein (collagen, gelatin protein, gelatin proteins, etc.) compared to the a lot of important affection is the nutrient-rich and calmly captivated by the hair. The cottony peptide mainly depend on the assimilation of derma and hair assimilation immediacy. The cottony peptide assimilation was increased, the bulk of hair blot cottony peptide corresponding. If accountable to accident of the hair, the greater the assimilation and adsorption bulk of the low atomic weight cottony peptide, the agnate cottony peptide for hair adjustment and careful aftereffect is added obvious.

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