Palladium carbon catalyst of the relevant information

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Catalyst chemistry
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Palladium – chemical symbol Pd, is a silvery white metal, soft, good ductility and plasticity, to forging, rolling and drawing. Palladium can absorb a large block of hydrogen, so that the volume swell significantly, brittle fracture even pieces.
Palladium carbon catalyst is palladium in the formation of the load to the activated carbon supported hydrotreating catalysts for the purification treatment of terephthalic acid raw material to produce purified terephthalic acid. Palladium on carbon catalyst has worked in different processes PTA quantity of contents, such as Beijing Yanshan, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical, Liaoyang Petrochemical, Tianjin Petrochemical, Luoyang Petrochemical and refining companies, successfully carried out industrial applications. The main technical indicators:

Project: SAC-05
Appearance: coconut flakes
Palladium content of 0.52% :0.48-
Granularity (4-8 mesh)%: ≥ 95
Crushing strength N: ≥ 40
Specific surface area m2 / g :1000-1300
Bulk density g / ml :0.4-0 .5
Abrasion%: ≤ 1
Reaction yield%: ≥ 99

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