What is Comfrey?

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Herb Extracts

Comfrey is a plant. Even admitting this bulb contains poisonous chemicals alleged pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs), the leaf, root, and root-like axis (rhizome) are acclimated to accomplish medicine. The bulk of PAs begin in comfrey changes according to the time of agriculture and the age of the plant. The roots accept 10 times college amounts of PAs than the leaves. Some articles labeled “common comfrey” or Symphytum officinale in fact accommodate the added poisonous “prickly comfrey” (Symphytum asperum) or “Russian comfrey” (Symphytum x uplandicum) species.

Comfrey is acclimated as a tea for agitated stomach, ulcers, abundant menstrual periods, diarrhea, blood-soaked urine, assiduous cough, aching breath (pleuritis), bronchitis, cancer, and chest affliction (angina). It is aswell acclimated as a irrigate for gum ache and abscessed throat.

Comfrey is activated to the derma for ulcers, wounds, collective inflammation, bruises, rheumatoid arthritis, bloated veins (phlebitis), gout, and fractures.


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