Latanoprost Appearance

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Medicine raw material

Latanoprost is accessible as a aloof aqueous after any blush to a bare adipose liquid. It is calmly attenuated in acetonitrile and aswell in ethanol, acetone, isopropanol, octanol, booze etc. It cannot be attenuated in water. You get the all-encompassing anesthetic alleged Xalatan in an aqueous, isotonic and antiseptic anatomy absolute pH levels of about 6.7.

The osmolality is about 267 mOsmol for every kilogram. The absorption of Latanoprost in this anesthetic is about 50 mg for every mL of Xalatan. In addition, about 0.02% Benzalkonium chloride is added for bactericide function. Other substances in apathetic anatomy are sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous as able-bodied as baptize for the purpose of injecting. Each bead of Xalatan contains 1.5 ug of Latanoprost.


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