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Formic Acid Uses

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Best Chemicals

Since formic Acid is an antibacterial agent, it’s frequently added to the augment of acreage animals to anticipate the advance of bacilli and is occasionally acclimated as a bactericide in animal foods. Formic Acid is aswell acclimated to actualize bogus flavors for foods and drinks and bogus scents for perfumes. In addition, formic Acid is acclimated in covering tanning, in the processing of bolt and cardboard and in the about-face of acrylic from the elastic timberline into rubber.

Some birds abode active all-overs amidst their feathers. The formic Acid that the all-overs absolution kills mites that are advancing the bird’s skin. Humans use formic Acid for a agnate purpose. Formic Acid affairs are acclimated to annihilate varroa and tracheal mites which access honeybee hives and advance the bees.


Capsaicin purposes

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Herbal Extract


Because of capsaicin and mucous membrane contact can cause burning, so often add pepper in the food have increase the spicy food. High concentrations of capsaicin can in some sensitive areas of the skin cause a burning sensation. Common history, high index to measure the sharpness of hot material.


External use ointment and skin patch containing capsaicin concentration between 0.025% and 0.15%, to reduce the pain of peripheral neuropathy caused by such as heritage neuralgia after herpes zoster.


Commercially available self-defense spray usually contains capsaicin, spray can cause the enemy to enemy stimulated and lose the ability to act, the effect range from a few minutes to an hour, leave no permanent damage.

Is 5-HTP safe?

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Herb Extracts

The National Institutes of Health has declared 5-HTP to be “possibly unsafe.” In a 2010 update, the NIH acclaimed there is not abundant affirmation to abutment abounding claims, and because of the accessible abuse it has caused, the bureau brash humans not to yield it until added is known.
The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database says 5-HTP may be alarming because of the hotlink to EMS and advises adjoin application it. The FDA aswell warns of the charge for caution. Aiguille X was affiliated to a 1991 case of EMS in a customer demography 5-HTP. In 1998, advisers at the Mayo Clinic activated six batches of 5-HTP and apparent baby amounts of aiguille X – agnate to the contaminant that acquired the beginning of EMS — in every one of them. (Later tests by the FDA aswell begin the contaminant.)
The analyzed 5-HTP supplements independent alone 3 to 15 percent as abundant aiguille X as did the attenuated tryptophan, but that’s abundant to put humans demography ample amounts of 5-HTP at risk. One book, 5-HTP: The Natural Way to Overcome Depression, Obesity, and Insomnia, recommended demography 300 to 900 milligrams of the supplement anniversary day, and Mayo Clinic advisers say such doses could calmly could cause trouble. If you yield 5-HTP, accumulate the dosage baby and see your doctor if you apprehension any signs of EMS, which cover fatigue, beef pain, numbness, and tingling.
Even if you appear to get a authentic accumulation of 5-HTP, the supplement’s furnishings may not consistently be benign. Users can become manic, restless, irritable, and (though it’s beneath common) depressed, according to a abstraction in the Archives of Neurology. That’s all the added acumen to use 5-HTP with attention — or to beacon bright of it. Women who are abundant or nursing should abstain the supplement entirely.