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What is Benzoin?

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Herbal Extract

Bachelor degree in color and has a light fragrance of flowers and adapt to the insect pollination;Spread the seeds are usually with the help of the birds or small mammals, some seeds small, with wings, when capsule ruptures, seed that is spread in the wind.Undergraduate course in the more primitive of the genus benzoin Oligocene sediment of fossils found in the Mediterranean area, the pliocene and late pleistocene sediments also discovered the fossil.

Undergraduate plants of ornamental tree species;Of Sumatra benzoin is the main source of the famous benzoin resin containing su doors, pine resin acids (sumaresinolicacid), cinnamic acid glycol ester (coniferyl cinnamate, lubanyl cin-ip namate), benzoic acid, benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, cinnamic acid);The Mediterranean area medicinal benzoin (Styrax officinalis) can extract the rest balsam;Alder leaf is a soft wood, used as a matchstick;Many kinds of seed oil, used for making soap and lubricating oil.


Immunoglobulin M Structure

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Herbal Extract

IgM is the primordial antibody and, although a monomer, is secreted as a pentamer (five monomers joined by disulphide bonds with two monomers joined by a J chain). This gives it ten identical antigen binding sites although IgM usually has relatively low affinity for its antigen. Its heavy chain is type mu (µ).

After oral Chicken’s Gizzard – skin, secretion of gastric juice volume, acidity and digestion were increased, the digestion of the increase is relatively slow, maintain longer. Gastric motor function enhanced obviously, after taking the drug in the stomach movement period extension and enhancement of the peristaltic wave. Due to the increase of the stomach movement, therefore, also greatly accelerate gastric emptying rate. Some people think that, after taking this product, its influence on gastric juice secretion and gastric movement, may be the drug after digestion and absorption into the blood of some humoral factors. Also some people think that is the gastric hormone promoted the gastric secretion function.


Pummelo Peel Use

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Herb Extracts

The fruit contains vitamin C is higher. Have food, drug therapy effect.

Pummelo Peel function and qi phlegm, jianwei xiaoshi, used in the spleen and stomach qi and often caused by abdominal distension, pain, nausea, vomiting, not thought diet card. So because of their sexual slant warm dry, cold dampness for gas blocking effect is better, often with rhizoma atractylodis, magnolia bark, such as flat stomach; Be qi deficiency cold, often with dangshen, atractylodes, main licorice with use, such as 6 gentleman soup; Used for phlegm, phlegm and asthma of wet block thin card such as white, chest discomfort, often with pinellia, poria cocos, such as two Chen Shang. Slightly with the goods, in the tonic can amuse oneself help shipment, then fill without delay, AIDS and not greasy, better play the function of the tonic.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that it contains volatile oil, inositol, vitamin B1, flavone glycoside, etc., can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion; Can dilute sputum, positive sputum discharge; Also can reduce cholesterol, reduce blood capillary brittleness, to prevent the tiny blood vessels hemorrhage.


Folic acid  is a B vitamin (vitamin B9). It occurs naturally, in the anatomy of folate in foods such as aphotic blooming abounding vegetables, oranges, wholegrains and pulses (dals).

Folic acid  helps to assure your approaching babyish from developing neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Folic acerbic may aswell advice to anticipate added bearing defects, such as a broken palate.

Folic acid  is acceptable for you, too, as it works with vitamin B12 to anatomy advantageous red claret cells. Not accepting abundant folic acerbic can could cause you to accept a blazon of anaemia. The other, added accepted blazon of anaemia, is due to a abridgement of iron.