Cyanocobalamin chemical properties

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Cosmetic raw materials

Cyanocobalamin is the most acclaimed and broadly bogus vitamer in the vitamin B12 ancestors (the ancestors of chemicals that action as B12 if put into the body), because cyanocobalamin is the most[citation needed] air-stable of the B12 forms. It is the easiest[citation needed] to accumulate and, therefore, easiest[citation needed] to absolve afterwards it is produced by bacterial fermentation, or actinic in vitro. It can be acquired as aphotic red crystals or as an baggy red powder. Cyanocobalamin is actual hygroscopic in the anhydrous form, and sparingly acrid in baptize (1:80). It is abiding to autoclaving for abbreviate periods at 121 °C (250 °F). The vitamin B12 coenzymes are actual ambiguous in light.

In animals the cyanide ligand is replaced by added groups (adenosyl, methyl), which are the biologically alive forms. The actual allocation of the cyanocobalamin charcoal unchanged.


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