What is Methylone?

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized


As mentioned beforehand methylone is agnate to MDMA in both ankernely and functioning. See the account on the appropriate for structures of altered stimulants. The larboard structures from the top down: amphetamine, methylamphetamine and methcatione. The appropriate structures from top to bottom: MDA, MDMA and methylone. As you can see the alone aberration with MDMA is an oxygen kernel. The aftereffect of a actuality depends mainly on the admeasurement to which it binds to assertive receptors in the brain.

In vitro analysis (carried out in analysis tubes) shows that methylone acts like MDMA apropos the absolution of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain. However, the bulk of serotonin appear by methylone is just one third of what is appear by MDMA. Moreover, methylone binds 13 times worse to the vesicular monoamine agent 2 than MDMA. This is a protein that transports serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline out of the academician cells. MDMA appropriately inhibits this action abundant stronger than methylone does. Monoamine transporters that yield the aforementioned substances aback into the beef abide as well. Methylone influences both processes in a added counterbalanced way than MDMA. Therefore methylone will leave you with a clearer arch than MDMA.

more about:godowell.net/Medicine-raw-material/Methylone/


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