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It is estimated that 70% of cyanuric chloride is acclimated in the alertness of the triazine-class pesticides, abnormally atrazine. Such reactions await on the simple displacement of the chloride with nucleophiles such as amines:

(ClCN)3 + 2 RNH2 → (RNHCN)(ClCN)2 + RNH3+Cl−

Other triazine herbicides, such as simazine, anilazine and cyromazine are fabricated in an akin way.

Cyanuric chloride is aswell acclimated as a forerunner to dyes and crosslinking agents. The better chic of these dyes are the sulfonated triazine-stilbene optical brighteners (OBA) or beaming whitening agents (FWA) frequently begin in bactericide formulas and white paper. Many acknowledging dyes aswell absorb a triazine ring. They are aswell bogus by way of the chloride displacement acknowledgment apparent above.