Industrial uses of Propionic acid

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Medicine raw material

Propionic acid inhibits the advance of cast and some bacilli at the levels amid 0.1 and 1% by weight. As a result, a lot of propionic acid produced is captivated as a bactericide for both beastly augment and aliment for beastly consumption. For beastly feed, it is acclimated either anon or as its ammonium salt. The antibacterial Monensin is added to beasts augment to favor propionibacteria over acerb acid producers in the rumen; this produces beneath carbon dioxide and augment about-face is better. This appliance accounts for about bisected of the apple assembly of propionic acid. Another above appliance is as a bactericide in broiled goods, which use the sodium and calcium salts. As a aliment additive, it is accustomed for use in the EU, USA and Australia and New Zealand. It is listed by its INS amount (280) or E amount E280.

Propionic acid is aswell advantageous as an average in the assembly of added chemicals, abnormally polymers. Cellulose-acetate-propionate is a advantageous thermoplastic. Vinyl propionate is aswell used. In added specialized applications, it is aswell acclimated to accomplish pesticides and pharmaceuticals. The esters of propionic acid accept fruit-like odors and are sometimes acclimated as solvents or bogus flavorings.


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