Streptavidin comparison to avidin

Posted: June 18, 2016 in Cosmetic Ingredients

Streptavidin is not the alone protein able of bounden to biotin with top affinity. Avidin is the added a lot of notable biotin-binding protein. Originally abandoned from egg white, avidin alone has 30% arrangement character to streptavidin, but about identical secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure. It has a college affection for biotin (Kd ~ 10−15M) but in adverse to streptavidin, it is glycosylated, absolutely charged, has pseudo-catalytic action (it can enhance the acrid hydrolysis of an ester bond amid biotin and a nitrophenyl group) and has a college addiction for aggregation. Also, streptavidin is the bigger biotin-conjugate binder; avidin has a lower bounden affection than streptavidin if biotin is conjugated to addition molecule, admitting avidin accepting the college affection for free, unconjugated biotin.

Streptavidin has a agilely acerb isoelectric point (pI) of ~5, but a recombinant anatomy of streptavidin with a near-neutral pI is aswell commercially available. Because streptavidin lacks any carbohydrate modification and has a near-neutral pI, it has the advantage of abundant lower all-embracing bounden than avidin. Deglycosylated avidin (NeutrAvidin) is added commensurable to the size, pI and all-embracing bounden of streptavidin.


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