What is Paprika Oleoresin?

Posted: November 12, 2016 in Medicine raw material

Paprika Oleoresin is the chili as the raw material, the use of accurate methods of extraction, separation, ablution from the accustomed pigment. Paprika Oleoresin capital capacity of chili pepper red colorant and Yu-Su, aphotic red oil-soluble liquid, ablaze color, able appearance power, light, heat, acids, alkalis, and metal ions are not affected; E160 attenuated in the oil and ethanol, can aswell be candy into a appropriate water-soluble or baptize dispersible pigment. Paprika Oleoresin affluent in β-carotene and vitamin C, with bloom affliction function. Paprika Oleoresin is broadly acclimated in amphibian products, meat, pastries, salads, canned food, beverages and added aliment and anesthetic coloring. Paprika Oleoresin can be acclimated for cosmetics production. Paprika Oleoresin superior in band with FAO / WHO all-embracing standards. Paprika Oleoresin to 140 degrees Celsius in temperature will be hardly faded, in the assembly action note.

Paprika Oleoresin in the biscuit assembly process, the charge for injection, colorant can be added according to the arrangement of 1/400–1/100 oil, E160 can access the appearance of biscuits, and orange-yellow, Paprika Oleoresin added active the blush of the product, has been broadly used, applications and added products, according to the accustomed bulk bare to add.


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