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Sodium acetate is used in the bolt industry to abrogate sulfuric acid decay streams and aswell as a photoresist while application aniline dyes. It is aswell a vinegar abettor in chrome tanning and helps to impede vulcanization of chloroprene in constructed elastic production. In processing affection for disposable affection pads, sodium acetate is used to annihilate the accretion of chappleess electricity.
Sodium acetate is used to abate baptize accident to accurate by acting as a accurate sealant, while aswell getting environmentally amiable and cheaper than the frequently used adhesive another for sealing accurate adjoin baptize permeation.
Sodium acetate may be added to aliment as a seasoning, sometimes in the anatomy of sodium diacetate, a one-to-one circuitous of sodium acetate and acerb acid, accustomed the E-number E262. It is generally used to accord potato chips a vinegar and vinegar flavor.


CAS no.: 63-68-3
Molecular Formula: C5H11NO2S
Molecular Weight: 149.21
L-Methionine is the L-isomer of methionine, an capital amino acid for animal development. Methionine is important in abounding functions, including acting as a hepatoprotectant, an acetominophen contagion antidote, and a urinary acidifier. It is aswell a chelating abettor for abundant metals.
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CAS: 93957-55-2
Molecular Formula: C24H25FNNaO4
Molecular Weight: 433.4478
Fluvastatin sodium is a novel compound that is used for treatment of antihyperlipoprotienemics.
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What is Irinotecan?

Posted: June 3, 2017 in Medicine raw material

CAS: 97682-44-5
Molecular Formula: C33H38N4O6
Molecular Weight: 586.69
Irinotecan is an antineoplastic agitator inhibitor primarily used in the analysis of colorectal cancer. It is a acquired of camptothecin that inhibits the activity of topoisomerase I. Irinotecan prevents religation of the DNA fiber by bounden to topoisomerase I-DNA complex, and causes double-strand DNA accident and corpuscle death.