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Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor Finishing Agent ATB9800 is a suitable for finishing cellulose fabrics, fiber with -OH and -NH2, such as sports garment, working clothes, underwear, socking, shoe lining, towel, carpet, leather, filter material, sheet, quilt cover, textile for army and etc.
The anti-bacteria and anti-odor finishing agent ATB9800 is non-dissolution durable anti-bacteria agent. The agent has highly efficient and extensive for bacteria, mould property, and keep the fabric clean to prevent the bacteria to grow again. It is a durable polymeric compound with the several active groups which can form covalent bond with-0H-, -NH-on the treated fabric. Then the fabric got excellent resistant washing ability. Its antibacterial groups acted on the bacterial cell membrane and caused cell membrane to become incompletely, so the permeability was increased. The cytoplasts in the cell dropped out, it can inhibit the bacterial protein to synthesize and cause the bacterial inner core albuminous body used up .The result is that bacterium was killed.
Appearance:colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Chemical composition:natural crust modified high polymer chemical compound
Solubility:soluble in water
Skin irritation:20% water solution is non-irritating, but its stock solution is irritant to the eyes.
Features of Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor Finishing Agent ATB9800
efficient anti-bacterial property
broad spectrum
safe to body
good compatibility
Low density has excellent anti-bacteria property anti-bacteria property
Non-toxic and non-irritating to skin
Easy to use, and take the same bath with another agent, like softener
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