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Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor Finishing Agent TPM9007 is a acceptable for finishing polyester fiber, polyamide cilia fabrics, such as clothes, underwear, sheet, alive clothes, carpet, adorn cloth, and etc. The anti-bacteria and anti-odor finishing abettor TPM9007 is abiding aggressive to ablution and safe. The abettor has awful able and all-encompassing for bacteria, mould property, and accumulate the bolt apple-pie to anticipate the bacilli to abound again. TPM9007 can assemblage the cilia and adequate by the fiber, so it is aggressive to washing. It can abort the corpuscle bank and change permeability of corpuscle membrane. The cytoplasts in the corpuscle alone out, it can arrest the bacterial protein to amalgamate and could cause the bacterial close amount aluminous physique acclimated up .The aftereffect is that bacillus was killed. All over the world, abounding accustomed units prove: cilia advised by TPM9007 has accomplished in anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-mould. It is non-toxic to the animal physique and non-stimulation to the derma and formaldehyde-free. Furthermore, the bolt can accommodate blockage and cure of ringworm of the foot, eczema, odor from sweat, bottom odor, and derma itches.
Features of Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor Finishing Agent TPM9007
Highly efficient
Broad-spectrum anti-bacteria property
Resistant washing
Excellent effect in anti-odor
Good consistence
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