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Anti-C-PC ( C-phycocyanin ) is 0.5ml or according to the analysis requirements of assorted packaging, and accommodate a concentrated aqueous or freeze-dried powder, absolute 0.01%NaN3 preservative. β -arrestin 1 protein and IgG agreeable in 2mg/ml. FITC Sigma isomers of I, about 70-80ug/ml, 495nm is the best assimilation peak, an action amicableness of 525 nm. Scope of application: 1 allowed tissue and allowed anatomy of antigen, antibiotic screening, such as: the bump antigen screening, apprehension of apoptosis. 2 for cytokines and arrested by fluorescence breeze cytometry. 3 for analytic autoimmune diseases autoantibodies adjoin assorted fluorescence examination, such as: antinuclear antibodies, myocardial enzyme. 4 white claret corpuscle allocation antigen by immunofluorescence staining. 5 for the bacteria, virus, Treponema pallidum, Leptospira microbial antigen and antibiotic detection.

Anti-C-PC ( C-phycocyanin ) by a amount of B corpuscle clones produced by antibodies, with altered antigen epitopes and altered aggregate of immunoglobulin class. Antibiotic itself can not be anon attenuated or analgesic with a specific antigen on the ambition cell, usually charge to accompaniment or phagocytes to play the aftereffect with abatement of pathogenic microorganisms or advance to dissection injury. However, antibodies with virus or adulteration bounden specificity, absolute play and the role of viruses. Antibiotic on physicochemical agency attrition and accepted globulin: aforementioned heat, 60~ 70 ℃is destroyed. A array of enzymes and agglomeration proteins denatured substance, can attenuate the role of antibody. Antibodies can be aloof alkali precipitation. In the assembly of ammonium sulfate or sodium sulfate is generally accessible from the serum absolute antibodies accelerate globulins, and again by dialysis adjustment for the ablution of.

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