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Use of Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent HTUV100
Agent HTUV100 is acceptable for finishing cotton, silk, line, and viscose cilia fabrics, etc. It can strengthen the cloistral adeptness of sports wear, bank wear, pond wear, leisure wear( T-shirt, cap, and etc), career wear, and tent, sun-umbrella and so on. Funda- brainy character: Anti-ultraviolet appliance finishing abettor HTUV100 are independent of ultraviolet appliance absorbent, its mostly basic is benzotriazole compound.
Composition: triazine derivative
Appearance: ablaze chicken liquid
Ionicity: non-ion
PH-value :nearly 7
Solubility :soluble in water
Stability :stable with PH-value ambit of 5-10 in harder water.
Compatibility :compatible with non-ion or abrogating ion
Dilution: absolutely stiring afore using, and adulterate with balmy water.
Safety :non-toxic, non-irritant to skin, no articulate taking.
Features of Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent HTUV100
High atom Anti-ultraviolet appliance finishing agent
Reaction abettor and abide to washing
No access on blush adumbration , animation and permeability influence
Wide appliance range
Small dosage can get accomplished effect
Excellent in anti-UV, abnormally blot , transform, reflex the ultraviolet appliance amid 180 -400nm
Resistant to washing, lighting and ironing.
Less access on beaming and no on colorshade.
The advised bolt action accomplished UPF
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