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Japanese Knotweed is an advancing semi-woody abiding bulb that is built-in to eastern Asia. In the 1800’s it was alien to North America as an accessory breed and aswell buried for abrasion control. It has back advance throughout the United States and Canada.

Japanese Knotweed is generally mistaken for bamboo; about it is calmly acclaimed by its ample leaves and its adeptness to survive Ontario winters. Japanese Knotweed is abnormally assiduous due to its active basis system, which can advance about 10 metres from the ancestor axis and abound through accurate and asphalt. This face is actual assiduous and already it becomes established, is abundantly difficult to control.

Semi-woody abiding bulb able of extensive 1-3 metres in height.

Stems are round, reddish-purple, bland and accept a bamboo-like appearance.

Leaves are ellipsoidal with a collapsed base, extensive 3-6 inches continued and 2-5 inches advanced with acicular tips.

Flowers are greenish-white.

Fruit is baby and white with wings that advice to banish seeds to new sites.

Seeds are amber and shiny.


Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica), is an invasive blooming abiding (a bulb that can reside added than one year). Since it was alien as an accessory bulb in the 19th Century from Japan, it has advance beyond the island of Ireland, decidedly forth watercourses, carriage routes and decay breadth area its movement is unrestricted. Japanese knotweed can:

Japanese knotweed grows agilely and outcompetes built-in plants. Japanese knotweed forms alpine thickets that exclude all added vegetation, concealment the breadth below. Built-in plants can rarely attempt with this invasive breed and bounded bulb biodiversity is reduced. Rivers, hedgerows, roadsides and railways can anatomy important wildlife corridors for built-in plants and animals to drift and banish along, and ample infestations of Japanese knotweed can block these routes for wildlife.

Japanese knotweed can aswell actively accident buildings, harder surfaces and basement in some cases. Once accustomed beneath or about the congenital environment, it can be decidedly harder to control, in some cases growing through accurate and alley and added areas of hard-standing. When Japanese knotweed colonises riverbanks, it can accident flood defence structures and abate the accommodation of channels to backpack flood water.

Seriously accident houses, buildings, harder surfaces and basement growing through concrete, alley and added harder surfaces in some cases.

Threaten built-in plants and animals by basic close thickets.

Block routes acclimated by wildlife to disperse.

Riverside Japanese knotweed amercement flood defence structures and reduces the accommodation of channels to backpack flood water.