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Zinc Glycyrrhizinate is a kind of whitening and spots removing cosmetic additives with quick and high efficiency with a function of anti-inflammatory, crack-proof, antifreeze, whitening,curing acne and anti-seborrhe.
Character: brown, insoluble in water, soluble in alkaline solution, slightly sweet and slightly astringent taste. Good stability, preservation is not easy to change.
Use of Zinc Glycyrrhizinate
Animal experiments proved that this drug on chronic gastric ulcer, gastric ulcer in rats under stress, facilitate the blood of mice induced almost gastric ulcer, pyloric ligation induced gastric ulcer in rats and other four kinds of model have some protection and promotion of ulcer healing, the treatment group and control group were significantly different indicators. Licorice’s anti-ulcer components can increase the gastric mucosal cells hexosamine composition, improve the defense capabilities of gastric mucosa, extending the life of gastric epithelial cells, accelerating ulcer healing; zinc also promote mucosal regeneration and to accelerate ulcer healing, and long-term use is not trace elements in the body caused by changes in major organs, nor cause the accumulation of zinc. According to the literature and bioavailability studies have shown that zinc is absorbed in the duodenum and proximal small intestine, the body’s main drainage channel for the zinc intestine. Oral licorice blood zinc 2-4 hours and reached a maximum concentration of zinc, 6 hours after the return to normal, does not cause accumulation in vivo. Mainly used in the mouth, stomach, duodenum and other parts of the ulcer disease, can also be used to promote the incision, the healing of wounds and burns. Child anorexia, pica, poor growth, enteropathy of acral dermatitis and other children, adults zinc deficiency can be treated using this product. This product can also be used for adolescent acne vulgarls.
Source: Zinc Glycyrrhizinate is produced from legumes
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